Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

    ... NZ Glass can give you a mirror that will enthral!

    Mirrors do so much more than just show you your reflection. They can be used to create illusions, such as making rooms appear larger and sunnier than they really are. Mirrors can also be statement pieces as part of your interior design, either because it’s a very large mirror, or because it has a special decorative effect.

    For a truly unique look, the regular shop-bought mirrors often don’t provide enough magic. NZ Glass can make you a customised mirror that’s a true one-off.

    Perhaps you’ve already got some ideas – or your architect or interior designer has something in mind. If not, our own design team can work with you to create your perfect mirror.

    About mirrors from NZ Glass:

    • Any shape or size: The only limit is the size of your wall!

    • Decorative options: If you’d like something a little bit fancy, you have numerous decorative options to choose from. These include sandblasted borders, painted borders, v-cuts (crystal cutting), or decorative bevelled edges.

    • Excellent optical quality: Our mirrors are produced without copper or lead. This manufacturing process is kinder to the environment, and actually improves the mirror’s durability and optical quality.

    • Mist-free bathroom mirror: A special heating pad can be added behind the mirror to prevent it from steaming up.

    I was very impressed by the efficient and courteous service, by your serviceman Dylan.

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