Double Glazing

    Double Glazing

    Keep the elements outside – while you’re warm and comfortable inside

    Double glazing provides invaluable insulation against both weather and sound.

    But windows have to put up with a lot: from temperature extremes, to harsh UV rays, and blasting winds. That’s a big ask: and not all double glazed windows cope equally. So when you’re choosing a double glazing company, it’s worth finding out how effective the solution is.

    About double glazed windows from NZ Glass:

    • Cool in summer; warm in winter: Insulation works both ways, so you’ll be enjoying your investment in quality double glazed windows all year round.
    • The No Metal Advantage: Double glazed windows use a “spacer” to keep the two pains of glass apart, and most double glazing companies use metal spacers. The problem is that metal conducts heat, allowing it to escape. NZ Glass’s spacers have no metal parts, and so you avoid these problems. The result is an extremely durable double seal that keeps heat in and moisture out.
    • Sound absorption: All double glazed windows insulate against sound, but our non-metal spacers provide up to 18% improved sound absorption over traditional metal spacers.

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