Glass Balustrades

    Glass Balustrades

    Enjoy clear views with glass balustrades.

    Don’t obscure your view - install a glass balustrade instead! Whether you’re framing a balcony or fencing a pool, a glass balustrade from NZ Glass will add a touch of style to your home or office. Used outside, a glass balustrade also makes an excellent windbreak.

    Glass balustrades are ideal for interior use too, for room partitions, hand rails, mezzanines and more.

    Decorative options

    If you’d like to maintain a little privacy, or add your own style, a range of decorative glass effects are available. These include frosting or decorative laminating... just ask our friendly glass design team for information on what’s possible.

    Safe and practical

    You can be assured that your glass balustrade from NZ Glass is as safe as it is good-looking. All glass balustrades we supply and install are made from toughened glass, and meet all NZ safety requirements and building codes. Your glass balustrade is designed to stand the test of time, and can cope with the hard knocks of everyday life.

    Your glass balustrade can be easy to clean too - especially if you choose to have our special factory-applied protective coating on your glass! This provides an invisible but durable coating that’ll repel dirt and grease for up to 10 years.

    Framed or frameless glass

    A frameless glass balustrade gives a sleek, contemporary look. But sometimes a framed balustrade, or one with a handrail included, may be more practical. That’s fine too - our glass specialists can help you choose the option that best suits you and your lifestyle.

    When designing your glass balustrade, you have three fixing options to choose from:

    • Point Fixed: The glass balustrade is fixed to the face of the installation. Cantilevering the balustrade in this way gives you clean and clear architectural lines. The bolts used can add to the look; or if you prefer they can be concealed under a cover plate. Point Fixed is sometimes also called a Face fix or Bolt-On fixing.
    • Vice Fixing: The glass balustrade rests on top of a series of stainless steel bolts, which hold the balustrade safely in place.
    • Channel Fitting: The glass balustrades are slotted into a channel, which is often set in concrete. This provides a continuous, sleek look.

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